Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lilia, Le Professeur

Ma mère et sa sœur Maxine
I got up early this morning and after breakfast I checked my email.  I got an email from Brother Tony, the retired pastor of the church in Carcasonne. His first sentence is always in French and he gave me a long one this time.  I knew every word but 2.  I was so proud of myself and excited that the lessons are paying off.  I started my French lesson with great confidence but soon the wind was let out of my sails.  I had left off in a grammar lesson and I never do well with that.  I had to repeat that lesson 5 times before a made a passing grade.  I am not a good speller in English never mind in French.  Jason called just as I was finishing my lesson.  They are doing well.  I asked if he could have Lilia email me a message in French.  I got that email a few hours later and I did not do as well understanding it.  I did get it translated and I sent her back a reply in French.  It was tough to come up with a sentence made up of words that I knew.  I went to Google Translate for help and it was a big help.  It is going to help me a lot to have someone to talk to in French.
My mother and her brother A. T. at the 2010 Nutt reunion.
We had a good ladies Bible study this morning.  The lady who brought the refreshments brought Cinnabons, fresh and warm.  Wow, they are something else! I used the afternoon to get some work done and get my walk in. We had outstanding services at Lorena this evening.  I took Janie out to eat at the Cracker Barrel in Waco.  We enjoyed a bowl of soup and some corn bread together.  It was very relaxing.  We are back home now and just saw them bring up the first of 33 trapped miners in Chile.  When I think I have it tough I just think about those miners being underground for 69 days.  The title of this blog in English is "Lilia, The Professor" cause she is helping to teach her grand-père French.  God bless you.
Sarah's little pot bellied pigs.

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