Monday, October 25, 2010


I did not do my French lesson this morning but I plan to work on that tonight after I get back from the gym.  We helped in the nursing home services this morning and then went to visit one of the shut ins of our congregation (pictured). 

We went shopping at Wal-Mart and the Outlet Mall to get gifts to go in the box we mailed to France.  We took the box over to the Post Office and the lady behind the counter exclaimed "This is going to be expensive!"  I had told Janie that it would cost $120.00 so when it cost just $101.00 we told the lady that we saved money so now we can go out to eat.  She liked our logic flawed though it may be.  I then proposed that we had actually saved $2000.00 for that is what it would have cost us to take the box over there ourselves.  Talk about looking on the bright side, I am eat up with it.  While Janie napped I took checks over to our mission treasurer and visit with him and his mother.  I got to their house just a few minutes too late to do the supper dishes.

I was going through a box of 35mm slides that belonged to my dad.  I want to convert these to a digital format so I have ordered a devise for doing just that.  I will be posting some of those pictures here on this blog and will share them with my brothers and sisters.

I fixed the burned out brake light bulb on the car but now the car says its front left park light is out.  I had to take it to someone when the front right park light went out.  Janie and I both attempted to replace it but just could not do it.  A true mechanic seemed to have no problem at all fixing it so he will be seeing me again shortly. 

The lady in the picture above has a beautiful flower bed in front of her apartment.  The cockscomb pictured is one she grew.  It is the largest I have ever seen.  The bachelor buttons behind it were also beautiful wouldn't you agree.  Her 95 year old green thumb is still a good one.  God bless you.

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