Monday, October 18, 2010


This picture shows our church sign without the bushes in front of it.  I have wanted those gone for some time now and only recently realized that most every one else felt the same way.  So the chairman of our deacons and his wife brought their pickup truck to the church last Wednesday afternoon and pulled them up.  It looks so much better.  I did not notice they were gone when I got to church on Wednesday but Janie saw it right off Sunday morning.  We are going to see about putting the times of our services along the bottom of the sign.  We also need to put the name of the church on the backside of the sign.  
Our services Sunday morning were not well attended.  Sunday night we had business meeting and a youth fellowship afterward.  The youth fellowship was well attended.  They served hot dogs and showed Christian music videos on a big screen out on the south lawn of the church (see picture).  We did not stay for the whole thing but left early due to work that needed to be done at home.  I was up until midnight getting the bulletin ready for next Sunday.  It has to be ready to go by Wednesday night so I get it done first thing.  I composed a poem for the bulletin and have pasted it in at the bottom of this blog.

This morning I lead the singing and preached the message at the nursing home.  There were about 30 in attendance.  Our neighbor came for the service.  She often listens to our radio broadcast on Sundays.  It is so easy to preach with enthusiasm when the audience wants to hear and loves the Word of God.  You can see it in their faces as they are enjoying the service.  On a scale of 1 to 10 that service was a 10.  There is a man there who use to pastor who is now wheel chair bound.  I can see such joy in his expression as I preach the Word.  Its just wonderful.

Janie and I went to visit a shut in of our congregation but she was not home.  We went then and got our keys to the gym and received instructions on how to use the equipment.  I used muscles today I have not used in years.  They are asking me even now why I have awakened them.  I can tell this gym is going to be good for me.  Janie and I will go together as many times a week as we can fit into our busy schedule.  I do not want to go without her and she does not want to go without me.  I like that.

Tonight while Janie is at the Ladies Auxiliary meeting I will work on the MBA of Texas database program.  It is very complicated and mind boggling at times.  I often have to walk away from it and let my head clear.  Computer programing is excellent exercise for the brain.  In that department I can use all the exercise I can get.  God bless you.

Where Did They Go?
By Paul Clark

Where did they go one asked of me.
Those crucified on Calvary.

One has gone to a place called Hell.
The anguish there no tongue can tell.
He suffers all alone you see;
He suffers there so needlessly.
He could have been oh so redeemed;
Repentance was for fools it seemed.
But now in Hell he does regret;
His mocking he will not forget.
In torments he will always be
For it is Jesus who has the key.

One has gone to a place of rest
A place of comfort its the best
They call this place a paradise
The joy up there is very nice
They praise the Lord without a care
There is no loneliness up there
For mercy this one, he did plead
For his salvation Christ did bleed.
He will rejoice eternally
For he believed on Calvary

One has gone to the throne on high
He's coming again you can't deny
He wants to save us all from sin
If you believe he'll come within.
Your heart he wants to clean, make new
Salvation comes to such a few
So when you're gone what will I say
What answer can I give today?

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