Friday, October 29, 2010

All Day at the Dentist

It seemed like we spent the whole day yesterday at the dentist office.  We arrived at the dentist at 10:45 after having a lot of trouble finding the place.  I went there to have a broken tooth looked at and fixed but ended up having my teeth cleaned and a really bad cavity in a completely different tooth filled.  After my teeth were cleaned we went to lunch and then returned to see if they had room to work me in to have the cavity repaired.  They had time for me so we ended up leaving the dentist office about 4:30.  Dr. Worsham is a very special lady.  She loves politics.  My first words to her was that I had voted on the first day the season opened.  She loved that analogy, equating voting with hunting and killing prey.  If it can be fun going to the dentist then this was fun indeed.  The tooth she fixed sounded like it was in bad need of fixing. Janie and I both will return to the dentist in a few weeks.  Janie for cleaning and me to have another cavity filled and to have the broken tooth crowned.  It is odd that I actually enjoyed spending the day at Dr. Worsham's office. 

Today Janie is taking her mother to the hair dresser and I am off to take care of some business in town.  I need to register my flatbed trailer so that others can borrow it.  I currently have no way of hauling a trailer and I am sure that our little VW could not drag that heavy thing.  I plan to go by and visit with my mother and then get some work done this afternoon.  We will head back to Hillsboro as soon as Janie and her mother get back home.  I have been emailing my older grandkids.  They write me a few lines and I write a few back.  It's fun and I enjoy it as much as I imagine they do.  The picture is of my brother, Steve, visiting with my two daughters and their husbands at the reunion.  God bless you.

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