Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Central Expressway

As I sat in a long skinny car parking lot called "Central Expressway" it made me wonder where they came up with that name for this road/parking lot.  The "Central" part I get because it goes through the center of Dallas.  But there was little in the way of "Expressway" about it.  We were not late for the meeting in McKinney but almost.  It was a good meeting and the lunch served by the ladies of the church was good.  Judging from this pre-association meeting I would say that our messenger meeting in November will go smoothly.
Janie and I went home by way of Fort Worth.  It was about 30 miles out of the way but Cabelas is worth it.  I enjoyed walking around and shopping.  I bought a hat, shirt, soup mix, and 50 feet of cord.  We made it home about 4:00 or so.  There was a problem with the copy machine at the church, a paper jam.  Janie and I went over to fix it and to take care of a few things.  It was a good jam, requiring the removal of 4 screws to clear it.  Its all fixed now and new toner is on its way.
The data base software that I wrote for the MBA of Texas needs an overhaul.  It is very major and I will need a whole day of uninterrupted focus to get that done.  I want to develop a web based database so that churches can go Online and maintain their information themselves.  That is going to be a big job but one I think well worth the effort.  This year the churches can fill out their forms online but so far out of 285 churches only 11 have done so.
I was talking to a pastor today who said it won't be long before churches will have to accept credit cards.  I can just picture a credit card swiping station in our foyer.  I am afraid he is right about that.  Cash will one day be a thing of the past. It is not far off that you will be buying things at a garage sale and paying for them through your cell phone.  The picture is of Janie holding number 9 with her parents looking on.  God bless you.

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marlin freeman said...

Bro. Paul, I drove truck, City pickup and delivery, in 1960, in Dallas, Central Expressway was the finest streach of highway anywhere around. but it got jamed up even then. Marlin Freeman