Friday, October 15, 2010

This Day Off

A day off should be filled with fun and relaxing things.  This day off was just that.  This day off began without an alarm clock going off.  It contained a relaxed French lesson which was joined by a cup of hot Bob.  (If coffee is called a cup of "Joe" then a cup of fake coffee should be called a cup of "Bob" or some such name).  This day off contained real good Chinese food eaten with the best of company, a beautiful loving spouse.  It had with in its hours time for shopping at Gander Mountain, assembly of a fire pit purchased there, and a review of hiking equipment and preparation of same for a much anticipated adventure.  This day off had to be focused and concentrated upon so that it would not loose its status.  It is within two hours of being over and it has been allowed to be a day off indeed.  It took much diligence on the part of its main benefactor to keep it and he has done so admirably.
Tomorrow will be a work day indeed. Much, much, work to be done.  My mother wants to have new carpet laid inside of her house.  She wants help picking out the carpet so that will be a task for next Thursday, Lord willing.  Thursday night and Friday should find me camping and hiking with my brothers, which constitutes the a fore mentioned adventure. I look forward to cool evenings in the backyard with my grandkids keeping warm and toasting marshmallows by the fire. God bless you. 

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