Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tech Support

Providing tech support yesterday
I provide computer tech support for a company here in Hillsboro.  I did some work for them today.  I know a little about computers at least enough to be dangerous.  A fellow pastor here in Hillsboro called me with a computer question and I helped him out then it was my turn.   I had to upgrade my USB modem so it  would work with my new laptop when it arrives.  I followed the instructions for installing the new device and it did not work.  I called tech support and was on the phone with them for 3 hours.  I talked with 3 different tech people and two of them consulted with someone else.  The last one decided that the modem was defective and said he would send me a new one.  I was not convinced so when I hung the phone up I played with it for a while and got it to working. I called to cancel the replacement but they had already shipped it.  One nice thing about this new modem is the fact it acts as a wireless router.  I can surf the net with my iPhone while Janie is working on her orders. 
Feeding a grieving family at our church before the funeral
Yesterday I provided tech support for a man who is a member of our church.  He was having trouble applying for a job online.  He had failed 3 times and so I went with him and helped him get through the process.  After all the effort he put in I hope he gets the job. 
Our ladies Bible study went well this morning. We did not have services tonight at Lorena due to illness there.  Tomorrow Janie and I will provide some tech support for a lady who is helping us type up Bro. Davis' sermons for the internet.  She has 3 of them ready to go and we will get those from her and give her a half dozen more. 
We plan to head for Henderson Wednesday night.  Janie and I will attend a retirement party Thursday afternoon for the lady with whom Janie worked for some 13 years.  It was at this job that Janie became so computer literate.  She knows about as much as I do. 
At the graveside service last week
Monday the funeral went as well as funerals can go.  The music was outstanding and the message a simple one.  I always include in funeral sermons a portion which tells people about sin, death, Heaven, Hell, and how to be saved.  This funeral was no exception.  
Being a pastor is like tech support.  I help people with the problems they have understanding the Bible.  It is my favorite kind of tech support.  God bless you.

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