Thursday, March 10, 2011

Taxes Real Close

Janie and her mother at cemetery heading back to the van after setting out some flowers
I have been too busy to blog this week.  Taxes consumed a lot of my week.  I have them done now except for review to make sure I have not overlooked anything.  Monday was fairly normal. I preached at the nursing home and visited at the hospital.  Tuesday the ladies Bible study went well as did the services in Lorena.  Janie and I stopped by the hospital in Waco to see one of our members there before heading back to Hillsboro. Wednesday was all about taxes and I am glad to have the bulk of that done.  Today we will go down to Waco to visit the hospital and then head over to Henderson.  I plan to spend Friday at TBI doing research while Janie is with her mother. 
Our youngest daughter had her first doctor's appointment today.  She has been having a rough time of it so far and I pray things will settle down for her this summer.  She got to hear the heart beat today which reminded me of the time Janie heard Stacie's heartbeat for the first time.  It was an exciting event. 
Janie's nephew singing at Mojo's in Henderson TX
The attendance was low Wednesday night in my adult class. I am a bit discouraged by the lack of interest in midweek services.  I hate to see them go the way of the drive-in theater.  The teens class is doing great on Wednesday night and that is a blessing.
Well it is 2:19 and I had better call it a day and head for bed.  God bless you.

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