Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Found Me

Me in Library at TBI this morning
Friday found me sound asleep and had to wait until 8:00 in the morning before it saw my eyes open.  She saw Janie head off with her mother for a long day in Tyler.  She saw  me head out for TBI and the library there where I worked for just a short time on my thesis.  She saw me enjoying the lecture on the Tabernacle which Bro. Bobby Sparks delivered.  It followed me with Bro. Sparks and Bro. Brooks to the Smoke House where we had lunch together.  When we parted ways she found me at the public library where I found a quiet place to get some work done.  This evening we are planning to go into town for some food and music at a local restaurant.  I am hopeful that Saturday will find me sound asleep as his sister, Friday, did. God bless you.

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