Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hot Water

We drove to my mother's house this morning and determined that she did indeed need a new hot water heater. She had called us just as we were leaving Hillsboro and asked if we were coming. I said we were on our way and she asked if she could go to Lowes and look at the hot water heaters for me. I told her that would be good. I started the thing to draining and cut the pipes and disconnected the wires. We had to drive out to Janie's mother's house to borrow her truck. We picked up the new heater and the fittings we needed and headed back to mother's. It did not take long to get the old one out and the new one in. There were some leaks but they were easily fixed. We stayed and visited a little while. We had to pick up a few things for Ms Taylor and now after a good homemade pot pie which Ms Taylor made today I am giving her some computer training.
I intend to make some real serious progress on my thesis tomorrow while Janie and her mother are gone. God bless you.

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