Friday, March 11, 2011

A $2 Walk

1/10 of a mile into my $2 walk.
After Janie and her mother left the house this morning for Tyler I worked on the sermon for Sunday morning.  After getting that typed up I went to work on the Sunday School lesson.  I got a call from Janie reminding me to pick up some DVD's at TBI so I went to town to take care of that.  I had a hamburger for lunch then headed over to Martin Creek Lake State Park.  I paid my $2 entrance fee and took a slow drive to the lakes edge.  I parked and walked across the bridge to the island.  The walk around the island is very pleasant.  I encountered a couple that were fishing. They had not caught any fish but said they were not really trying.  A little ways down the beach I came across two boys with fishing poles and a tackle box.  I inquired as to where the string of fish was and they said "didn't catch any."  About a quarter of a mile farther down the beach I waved at some men in a boat.  They too were having no luck at fishing.  All in all the walk was very much worth the $2 I paid for it.  Next week I hope to be able to go hiking at this same park with my son-in-law and grandkids. 
Japan was hit with an 8.9 mag. earthquake and the pictures this morning and this afternoon are amazing.  My prayers go up for the people there.  Be warned. The Bible says that earthquakes are going to increase in number and in intensity.  There have been several small earthquakes in Arkansas recently.  We have even had some very small ones near Hillsboro.  God bless you.
Bridge to the island
Ducks passed me as if I were not there
Not exactly tidal waves but it was windy
The shore on Martin Creek Lake
Plants sprouting out of the beach

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