Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Fun Part of Hiking

Wading with the grandkids
A flat tire on the way home
I have not blogged since last Wednesday and a lot has happened in my busy world.  Thursday I went hiking with  Scott and the grandkids.  We hiked around the island at the state park.  It was fun to be with the grandkids.  Their favorite part is the snacks that they get to eat while hiking.  For me it was never about the food on the trail but the sites on the trail and the sense of accomplishment that comes from finishing a long day on the trail.  The park was full of campers so we went back to my mother-in-law's house (just 15 minutes away) to camp out in her back yard. 
I helped Scott set up his hammock by holding the light for him.  I helped Ruth and Joshua set up their tents and then set up my own.  I did not rough it like I do when I am out hiking.  I used an air mattress to sleep on and was very comfortable. 
We got up the next morning and went back to the park and hiked some more.  The kids again enjoyed their snacks and we did walk about three times as far as we did the previous day.  Ruth needed the rest room so she and I left the others and made a bee-line for the facilities.  I had my GPS with me and used it to take the shortest root.  We made it there in time. We got in the car and drove to where we knew the others would be and picked them up.  Next it was off to the picnic area near the beach. 
I brought out a loaf of bread, some peanut butter, Jelly, and 2 cans of easy cheese.  The kids made themselves sandwiches out of the easy cheese piling it on thick and high.  They nearly emptied the two cans.  Ruth took an oatmeal creme pie and put cheese all over it and said it tasted good,  her sister followed her example but Joshua was not having it.  The pies were good just by themselves as far has he was concerned.
The Float as we saw it, the arms are missing

After lunch the kids played for a while on the playground while Scott and I talked.  When they tired of the playground I suggested we go wading in the lake.  We all pulled our shoes off and rolled up our pants legs and went in.  The water was cold at first. Scott stayed on shore and took pictures.  Hannah fell down and got all wet but the rest of us kept our clothes dry.  I was the first to abandon the water and sat and watched the kids having fun.  It was a wonderful day.
On our way back to Hillsboro on Saturday morning we stopped in Palestine to see the float that Justin and Sarah's church had made for the Dogwood parade.  It was really good and they won third place.  We left them at the float and continued on home.  There is a long stretch between towns and it was at this place that we had a flat tire.  There was a piece of steel the size of pencil and about six inches long that went through the tread and out of the sidewall of the tire.  We pulled over and in just a few minutes we had that tired changed and got back on the road.  It is a brand new tire only 2 months or less old. We made it home all right and Monday I will have them order us a new tire. 
Joshua's drawing of the easy cheese.
My mother got up early Sunday morning and drove to Hillsboro.  She got here in time for church.  She got lost a couple of times once stopping to ask for directions.  She is going to head home in the morning.  We have enjoyed her visit. 
Elijah's first birthday, He dug into that cup cake with both hands
We got word this morning that one of our church members died.  I will be preaching that funeral on Wednesday.  It is going to be another busy week.  God bless you.
Tents in the back yard of my mother-in-law's house, mine on the left

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