Thursday, March 3, 2011

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Janie and Mother visiting, "nerve pill" is working
I have not blogged since Monday due to a busy schedule.  Tuesday the Ladies Bible study was really good.  We continue to critique a sermon by David Jeremiah.  Of the 59 minute long sermon we have covered about 18 minutes. I would like to suggest to the Hermeneutics and Homiletics instructors at the seminary that they use this sermon as a "how not to" example. His arguments for pre-tribulation rapture are extremely poor.  His sermon is well organized and well delivered but his arguments are full of holes.  I will critique John Hagee's sermon on the subject next and his problem is the same.
Janie bought some flowers for her Dad's grave
Tuesday night we had services in Lorena and returned home with a home made loaf of wheat bread and a new pair of shoes.  The bread was really good.  I am preaching through the book of Proverbs on Tuesday nights.
Wednesday we visited at the hospital and those of our members there are making good progress it seems.  I wore the new shoes all day and they were very comfortable.  My son-in-law in Palestine has been sick with a fever this week.  He is better now and back to work.  We talked for a little over 2 hours with Jason and his family in France.  He has been involved in a Calvinist doctrine discussion with the two pastors there.  It is very interesting and I think Jason has a very good grip on it.  I am very proud of Jason and his skill at handling the scriptures.  My class was small Wednesday night but we had a really good service.  We sang extra songs but I still got us out on time.  Those seats in the class room do get hard after a while so I try to keep it down to 45 minutes. 
Sunset at the graveyard
We left after church for Henderson and arrived about 12:40 and got to bed about 1:30 or so.  It was up at eight this morning and off to work.  There were several things I needed to get done.  We went by to see my mother and she is back to her old self again after a small problem caused by her not taking her medicine.  When we arrived at her house she was all smiles and all was well in her little world. 
Tomorrow I will go to TBI and attend the chapel class. I am to meet with my partner in the State Association clerk's job.  We will go pick up the minute books from the print shop.  I will take most of them back to Hillsboro so they will be available at the State meeting which will be at our church in November. 
I am really looking forward to our trip to France in August.  I miss spending time with the grandkids over there.  I am working on my French lessons and so is Janie.  I would like to be able to communicate at least a little bit with the people over there.  It will take a couple of years but I am determined to stay with it.
I have been back working on my thesis.  That thick book I have been reading is slowly yielding some very interesting information on the Song of Songs.  I am not sure what book I will tackle next but it really does not matter.  God bless you.

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