Monday, March 14, 2011

55 to Waco

I took this picture with my cell phone while singing in the choir
Sunday was our second in a series of mission Sundays.  The church bulletin is filled with mission information and the sermons  have a mission focus.  Our services were well attended both morning and evening. We had choir practice Sunday night and I have a partner who helps me sing bass. He is a retired judge and really and really good at singing.  He helps me stay on key. At one point our choir director came and sat on the back row with us and sang the tenor part. I was really nice to have one on either side of me who were really good at singing.  
Janie and her mother taking in an amazing sunset at Waldrop cemetery
Lundi bonne is French for good Monday.  Janie and I went to the nursing home this morning where we did the music and I preached the sermon.  We headed next down to Waco driving 55 mph on the freeway we got 55 mpg at the cost of making others on I35 mad.  We were passed by everyone.  I once drove from Hillsboro to Tyler doing 45 mph and got 63 mpg.  With fuel at $3.75 per gallon I can afford to take more time getting where I need to go.  We went to Waco to visited with a member in l'hôpital there.  Returning to Hillsboro we went back to the nursing home to visit one of our church members there who had just been moved there from the hospital.
We went to the gym to work out this evening.  My heart rate reached 115 and Janie's reached 156.  She wanted to know why my machine showed that I burned more calories than her's did.  My explanation involved the difference in our weights.  Takes a lot more calories to move an elephant than it does a..... well you get the idea. (Stopped just short of getting into trouble there.)
I am planning to go camping and hiking with my son-in-law and his kids on Jeudi and Friday this week.These plans are, as with all of my plans, subject to change.  I have a church member that lies near death down in a Houston hospital and depending on what happens there I may be staying here in Hillsboro this week. God bless you.

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