Friday, March 25, 2011

Thesis Writing

The Headstone looks good. Janie adjusting the flowers
I went to lunch today with a good friend.  He is the assistant camp director for our summer youth encampment.  I enjoy his company and every year he and I are in the same dorm at camp. I plan to have lunch with him as often as I can when I am in Henderson.
Some serious progress was made on the Song of Songs today.  I love the writing part of my thesis work.  I typed 1 and 1/2 pages single spaced with a 3/4 margin.  Now that may not sound like serious progress to everyone but to me it was outstanding.  By the time I had erased and retyped and reworded things I probably typed more like three pages in all. It makes me want to spend more time on it.  I plan to teach my adult class at camp from the Song of Songs. 
After spending the afternoon at the library in Henderson I went back to my mother-in-law's house and ate some supper.  Janie and I took her mother over to her uncle Trenton's house for a visit.  He has a new ramp that lets her get into his house with little effort.  I expect she will be spending more time over there now that it is easy for her to get into his house.
A visit with Uncle Trenton
We went to the cemetery and were surprised to see that the headstone had been installed.  It looks really good. There was only one problem with it.  They left the name off the back of the stone.  She will call them about that tomorrow.
It is off to Palestine tomorrow for Janie and I.  She is the guest speaker at a ladies tea.  My son-in-law and I will spend some time together while our wives are at the tea.
I am really looking forward to the services Sunday.  Dr. Randy Cloud will be preaching in our services.  Monday I will be preaching at the nursing home. God bless you.

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