Thursday, May 14, 2009

Clay Fite

Yesterday we visited the hospital to check on Clint. He is doing well and came through his surgery yesterday ok. We had a good visit with Clay Fite's mother and dad. Clay is 5 years old and was burned, I believe, over 60% of his body. He has been in the burn ICU for 90 days. They started a blog about Clay's experiences and I am now following that blog. I would encourage you to go there and read his story: The Bible says that it is better to go to the house of mourning than the house of feasting. It will lift your spirits and put your life into proper perspective when you read about the faith of others as they go through the storms of life.

We are in Henderson and I have worked this morning on my doctoral prospectus. I hope to get some more done tonight and then work on it again tomorrow morning. I really need to get it done and am pushing myself to do so. I have not gotten the sermon ready for Sunday night as yet and plan to work on that this afternoon.

I talked to Jason and Angie on Skype today and they are doing well. Got to speak with the grand kids and that was fun. The picture is one I took the other day when we were talking to them on skype. God bless you.

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