Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I am alive

On our way to Camp
It has been too long since my last blog.  I am still alive and well, just been busy.  We had a good time at the camp in Laneville, Texas.  We had 1 saved from our group and 17 total out of all the campers.  There were only 206 campers so the chow line was really short.  The big yellow church bus ran real good there and back getting 6.8 miles per gallon.  We had 29 kids and 2 sponsors on board the bus.  There was no A/C and on our way to camp it was cloudy and much cooler than I had expected.  On the way home it was hot but we managed okay.  The last kids to be picked up were at the church with us for an hour waiting after the others were gone.
The services Sunday were good and a young couple came forward to join at the close of the service.  It is always good to get new members.  Justin and Sarah arrived Sunday afternoon and stayed over night to take us to the airport.  We enjoyed their visit and it was nice to have someone to see us off. 
Janie trying to get some sleep at London's Heathrow Airport
Janie slept a little on the plane ride to London but I did not.  It was a 10 hour flight and was mid morning when we arrived.  We were very tired and had to wait 5 hours for our next flight.  The chairs were not comfortable.  Janie did manage to get about 20 minutes of sleep during that 5 hour wait.  I dozed a little in a chair.  We ate a ham sandwich for lunch and our flight left on time.  I began to get a migraine headache while on the plane to Toulouse.  Jason, Lilia, Caleb, and Andrew were there to pick us up.  I slept a little in the car at first.  As we got closer to Magrie I became more nauseated and just a mile or so from Jason's house I asked him to pull over so I could leave my lunch on the side of the road.  I went to bed immediately upon arrival and got up 30 minutes later to try and eat some supper. 
The Kids have changed a lot in a years time.
Angie had made a really good meal and after just a few bites I went back to bed and tried to get some sleep.  When Janie came to bed I got up and took some medicine for my headache and it seemed to do the trick.  I slept well and have felt well all day today.  I did take a short nap this afternoon.  I am now ready to hit the hay again and spend a busy day with the grandkids tomorrow.  God bless you.  

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