Saturday, August 20, 2011

Good to be home

In front of the church building in Carcassonne, France
Our journey home went very well.  Our flight from France to England was only 1 1/2 hours long.  There was a lady sitting with us that had been hiking in Spain.  She is a school teacher in New York City.  She was only a block or so from ground zero when the towers came down.  She shared with us the pictures of her hike.  She also gave me some recommendations for a couple of books to read that would help me with my thesis.  We enjoyed her company. 
Me preaching in France
The layover in London was only 2 hours and that went by very fast.  On our flight to DFW we sat with a young man who was a youth minister returning from a mission trip to Africa.  He was from Tyler, Texas.  He was a really friendly and nice young man.  He gave me a book that he had been reading and I read the first chapter while on the plane.  It looks like it is going to be a good book and I am looking forward to finishing it.  I slept very little on the flight back to Texas.  The line for customs was very very long.  It was good to see Justin and Sarah at the airport.  Justin drove us home and we got to relax while he fought the traffic.  When we arrived in Hillsboro we went strait to our favorite restaurant to eat.  We went to bed very soon after getting home leaving Justin and Sarah up watching our TV.  They were gone when we got up the next morning.  Some very good friends of ours took us out to eat for supper on Friday.  We enjoyed visiting with them and catching up on all that had gone on while we were away.  Our fellowship hall flooded on Sunday and a handful of people helped clean up the mess Sunday afternoon.  The water line out in front of our church broke and there was a crew working on it while our services were going on Sunday morning.  I am so thankful to every one of our church members who take care of such things and keep things running smoothly while we are gone.
Part of the congregation during my sermon in France
Today I got up early and worked on the sermons for Sunday and the Sunday School lesson.  After I finished my work I took a mile and a half long walk and read the Song of Solomon.  Janie needed to do some shopping for a baby shower so I took her down to Waco today.  She got what she needed and we returned home.  The temperature was 109 today.  Tonight we have a choir fellowship at our music director's home.  He calls it Christmas in August.  After we eat supper together we will listen to the Christmas music we will be presenting.  It is going to be a good night.
Janie and Jason helping the kids slip and slide
We will be traveling many miles this week.  Sunday afternoon we will drive to Palestine for a baby shower and then back to Hillsboro for our evening services.  Right after the evening services we will drive to Henderson.  After our business is over there we will return to Hillsboro for our mid week services and then it is back to Henderson for another baby shower on Saturday.  We return to Hillsboro for our Sunday services.  That adds up to 16 hours of driving we will do this week. 
One of my favorite verses in the Song of Solomon is found in Chapter 5.  "...This is my beloved and my friend..."  Janie is my beloved and my very dear and closest friend.  I love her so.  God bless you.

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