Friday, August 5, 2011


Got up early and went with Jason to the Limoux Marché.  It is basically a market day in the town square.  Jason set up his booth and I stayed with him while Angie went back to the house to get the others.  We will not all fit in the same car at the same time so we had to make 2 trips.  When they arrived we left Jason to man his booth while we shopped.  We bought Janie a basket/purse thing that was nice.  She will be able to take it as a carry on bag on the plane.  It was a fun time and the weather was perfect.  I don't think it got out of the 70's here today.  It rained while we were trying to fix bicycle tires for the kids.  It is raining even now.  We returned home for lunch and after the home schooling lessons were over we repaired bicycles.  Jason took me to a home improvement store in Limoux to just look around.  We stopped at another store that is similar to Wal-Mart.  I bought 2 baguettes and some chocolate covered waffles.  These are some of my favorite French foods.  If they let me loose in town I will always come back with baguettes.  We have been eating fresh veggies from one of their neighbor's garden.  The tomatoes are really good.  After supper we went to the theater to see a puppet show.  The theater was in the boys room where they had set up a stage and seats for the audience.  It was a cute show and we gave them a standing ovation.  After a snack and some short videos the kids headed for bed.  It was another outstanding day in France.  God bless you.
Home school lesson time
Janie and the kids at the Marché in Limoux
Arianna playing with her b-day present from Nana and Papa
Supper on the "Terrace" at Jason's house in Magrie
Caleb, Jason and me at the Marché in Limoux, France
Boys will be boys and had to climb a tree while hiking
Janie and Lilia headed out for a hike

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