Saturday, August 13, 2011


Playing Petanque in Jason's front yard
We had a relaxing day yesterday.  Jason made us an outstanding supper featuring Tomatoes Farcies.  It was basically tomatoes stuffed with meatloaf.  We eat outside on the back porch and the view is wonderful and the weather perfect. We played a game called Petanque.  It is a very popular game here in France.  We each have 2 steel balls about the size of a baseball.  You through a little wooden ball called the "Cochonnee" then you take turns throwing the steel balls at it and who ever gets the closest to the "Cochonnee" gets a point.  The first player to reach 10 points wins.  Jason is undefeated at this game. 
Today we are going to see a cave north of here.  They say that this cave is tall enough to hold the Eiffel Tower.  That should be quite a sight. God bless you.  

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