Thursday, August 4, 2011

Out standing Hike

Me helping Caleb with his homework
It has been another great day here in France.  We helped the kids with their home schooling.  They have to be taught to read and write English since the public school is all in French.  After lunch we watched the kids play in the pool then we went for a hike.  The boys went one way and the girls another.  Our hike was much farther and steeper than the one the girls took.  It was a beautiful view from on top of the mountain ridge.  The boys had far more energy than I though near the end Micah asked me for a piggy back ride.  I declined his request since my soon to be 58 year old body was doing all it could to carry its own weight. It was a real good trail and the weather was perfect.
We are about to eat supper and tonight is the night they have their weekly Bible Study in their home.  We are hopeful that some will attend though this is vacation time and their regulars are gone out of town.  I will post some pictures below of our day.  God bless you.
The boys standing on a round boulder that caught their eyes.
Angie took this picture of us on the trail from her back porch.
The boys playing on a pile of rocks at the top of the mountain
Jason and the boys on the trail at the top

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