Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wow Its Been a Long Time

Lets go swimming
I have been far to busy to blog thus the long time since my last one.  We really enjoyed the grandkids.  I took them camping and swimming over in Henderson on Tuesday and Wednesday.  I preached a revival service Wednesday night.  We headed back to Hillsboro after the services and got the kids to bed about 2:00 Thursday morning.  Stacie and Scott returned from Thailand safely.  I picked them up at the airport at 5:00 in the morning on Friday and they left our house to return home on Saturday at 5:00 pm.  When they were gone I took Janie out to eat here in Hillsboro and a complete stranger sitting a couple of tables over from us paid for our meal.  When it came time for our check the waitress said that our bill had been paid by someone else.  I asked the owner if he knew who it was and he did not.  He described the man and Janie remembered him being there when we arrived and leaving just before we did.  I wish I could have known who to thank. 
The kids setting up their picnic table at the camp site
On Monday we left the church at 5:30 in the morning and went to Bogg Springs Camp near Wickes Arkansas.  Camp went well.  The music was loud and the teens liked it.   The preaching was outstanding and the comedian that was there was really, really funny.  The magician that preformed was also amazing and funny.  There were 14 kids saved and about 500 campers in attendance.  It was very very hot each day.  One of our kids got covered in seed ticks and another was bitten by a spider on his face and ended up in the emergency room.   He is doing fine and the swelling on his face was going down as we were heading home.  I enjoyed the camp all things considered.  While at camp my mother had some problems.   I got several phone calls about her though I rarely had any phone signal.  I am very thankful that my brother, Ralph, was able to take off work and help her out.  She is staying at his house this weekend through Wednesday next week.  I will not be seeing her again until I return from France. 
Setting up the cots in the tent
We got right to work when we got home on Friday getting ready for the weekend and next week.  I took Janie out to eat for supper (and paid for it this time).  We did manage to take a nap today and that was good. The District Ladies Auxiliary meeting at our church was today and I preached from the text I plan to use in France.  The meal was really good.  I am all packed for next weeks camp.  The big yellow bus will head out at 6:00 Monday morning with 39 campers aboard.  It is going to be really hot at camp next week.  I hope our 18 days in France will be cooler.   Sarah and Justin are going to take us to the airport Monday after next.  We need to see if we can find someone to pick us up when we get back on the 18th of August then our travel plans will be all set. 
I am going to head for bed now.  I won't get much sleep next week at camp so I need to get in as much as I can now.   God bless you.
Breakfast time, eggs and pancakes

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