Friday, July 8, 2011

Grandkids Day 10

Kids playing while I worked on the van
It was a good day today.  It started with a phone call from my mother telling me she was going to the doctor because her hip was hurting really bad.  I spoke with her and her doctor afterward and it looks like it is just arthritis.  This afternoon the shot the doctor gave her started to work and she was feeling better.  My sister-in-law is staying with her tonight and I am thankful for that.  Mother was worried that she might have to have surgery and was relieved to find out it was not that serious. 
Kids at lake Whitney
I worked half of the day on my daughter and son-in-law's van.  It has been over heating and I found out that the problem was a bad relay.  The relay that operates the radiator fans had gone out and without the fans sucking air through the radiator there was no cooling.   It was quite a chore for this old man with bi-focals to find and replace that relay.  I had to remove the air filter housing to get to it.  I removed the thermostat and drained the water out replacing it with fresh anti-freeze.  I took it for a test run this afternoon with the outside temperature being 102.  It kept a constant temperature right where it should be on the gauge.   We took a road trip after supper over to the lake and the car ran fine.  The kids enjoyed wading in the lake.  I plan to take the kids to the church tomorrow and let them play while I study.  This will give Janie some rest and upon my return I will take a nap while she watches the kids.  Tag teaming them helps us keep going. God bless you.

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