Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Saw this while walking on day. Anybody know what it is?
Buss is a new English word I have learned recently.  If you check my Poems page you will find it used and defined there.  I wrote a mother's day poem for our bulletin and have posted it there.  The week has been hugely busy thus my lack of blogging.  On Monday the funeral took up most of my day.  That evening one of our church members was taken by Helicopter to Waco and she had surgery today.  Tuesday we had our ladies Bible study but did not go down to Lorena for services there due to bad storms in the area.  We went to the grocery store Tuesday afternoon and on our way back home we got caught in a hail storm.  It was marble size hail and did not hurt our car.
I spent Tuesday evening trying to cull out sermons which I have selected for the up coming revival.  It was and continues to be a struggle.  I have the list down to 8 or 10 and I only need 5 sermons.  I am really looking forward to the Revival.
Today when we returned from Waco I went to pick up some dry cleaning and ended up having to make a 62 mile round trip to get it.  It seems their van broke down and it was going to be another day before it would be delivered.  I could not wait that long needing my suits for the up coming revival so I drove over there and got them and Janie drove us back.  We got back just in time for me to get to church by 6:00 so I could set in on the teen class.  I had told our teen's teacher I would do that and so I did.
On my day off tomorrow Janie and I are going to Canton trades day.  She has her eye on another piece of furniture that she found there and if we can fit it into our car along with our suitcase, suits, dresses and cart we will most likely get it.   
On Friday I hope to spend the day meditating on the sermons and praying for the Revival services.  Saturday I will be attending the Nutt Family Reunion and that will consume most of that day.  God bless you. 

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