Friday, April 15, 2011


This is my first blog typed from my new Mac laptop.  I have been way to busy to blog this week.  Even now I have just 30 minutes before my next appointment.  Monday started with a phone call that let us know that one of our neighbors had died.  He was a retired Air Force Colonel.  We went by to check on his daughter before going to the nursing home.  He was a really nice neighbor and we will miss him.
Janie at the nursing home banquet
I preached at the nursing home and after some visitation and a trip to the post office we got home to find that they had tried to deliver my laptop but we were not home.  Tuesday we had a first time visitor in our ladies Bible study.  The computer arrived that afternoon and we went down to Lorena for services there.  I preached them a sermon from Hosea chapter 14 " Seven Things God Wants to Hear From Us."  Wednesday I preached our neighbor's funeral which included a full military honors grave side service.  The Air Force Honor guard were amazing.  The gun solute, taps, and flag folding and presentation sent a chill down my spine.  Wednesday night the services were well attended and a lady stopped by asking for help with her rent but did not stay for the services.  She returned when the services were over and wanted some cash but when I would not give her cash but offered to help her with her presented problem she left noticeably mad.
Flower at the parsonage
I stayed up late Wednesday night trying to get my new laptop ready for use.  That went smoothly and it is working very well.  I have just a couple of loose ends to tie up and I will be ready to retire my other computer.  I will put it out to pasture in southern France where it will be put to good use in mission work.
Thursday night we went to a banquet put on by one of our local nursing homes.  It was a good time and the music was great. 
We got up this morning at 4:45 and headed out to Waco for a surgery there.  That surgery went well and when we got back home we worked on our taxes some more.  Janie found some more deductions for us and that saved us another $30.00 off of what we did owe.  After double checking everything we stuffed it in an envelope and it is now on its way to the IRS.
Tomorrow Janie and I will go to the district ladies auxiliary meeting.  Janie is the president of the district auxiliary.  It should be a good time of fellowship and when I get home I will put the finishing touches on the sermon for Sunday and do some work on my thesis.  God bless you.

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