Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ordered An Apple

A picture of my present laptop desktop
Janie and I reviewed our tax forms today and found some errors.  We corrected them and now we owe the IRS $5.00 less than we did before.  I ordered a new laptop computer today from Apple.  Yes I have decided to abandon Windows.  I had ordered a laptop from Dell but after seven weeks of waiting they canceled the order and told me nothing about it.  They told me I would have to place a new order.  I talked to five people from Dell and all were from the country of India. I admire that these persons are bi-lingual and to have learned English as a second language takes a hard working intelligent person.  They spoke English far better than I speak French.  Nevertheless they were difficult to understand and not helpful at all.  They could tell me nothing about the details as to why my order had been canceled.  I was angry with Dell and thus have taken my business else where.  When I called Apple I spoke with a salesperson who clearly had a Texas accent and she was located in Austin, Texas.  My new laptop should arrive next week.  
Tuesday I got the car inspected and got a few things done.  We had outstanding services in Lorena.  I have chosen my text for the revival services but have not typed up the sermons as yet. More progress has been made on my thesis.  I typed another half a page.  Bare in mind that to achieve that half page I type a page and a half.  I am headed for French lessons as soon as I sign off here.  God bless you.

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