Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's a Girl

Justin and Sarah
We had a good day Sunday.  I had a dream Saturday night that a complete stranger wanted me to teach him how to ski and to go with him up the mountain and in my dream I consented and taught and showed him what he needed to know.  Sunday there were two first time visitors in our services.  These two men did not know each other and I had never met them before.  I took them both to Calvary and taught them about what happened there and what it should mean to them.  It was far better to take them there than to take them skiing. 
I have been doing some writing the past two days.  I have enjoyed it a lot.  I was typing up my sermon for this Easter Sunday and though I will not read it to the congregation I will have a record of it for future reference.  Monday we did not go to the nursing home but I did get a lot of work done.  Today has been our usual Tuesday with Bible study and services in Lorena.  We will head over to Henderson sometime on Thursday where I will check on my mother and Janie hers. 
My thesis is about to take off and I expect a lot of progress this month.  If I get as much done as I plan I will email a copy of what I have done so far to my faculty adviser at the end of May so he can look it over. 
Sarah called us today with the news that they are going to have a girl. Our world has changed a lot with technology.  It use to be that "It's a girl" would only be heard when the baby was born but not now.  We are anxious for this newest granddaughter to get here so the spoiling can begin.  God bless you.

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