Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another Funeral

This week at the LBS that tie I wore at our wedding.
Before we left Hillsboro this afternoon we got a phone call that one of our church members had died.  She was 91 years old.  She used to garden and loved to visit people in the nursing home.  She was our Sunday school class president.  We will miss her a lot.  They have tentatively set her funeral for Monday morning.
Janie drove half way to Henderson while I worked on my thesis.  I typed about half a page.  Lets do the math here; I typed for at least an hour and got half a page.  I expect the finished product to be about 200 pages.  That is about 400 hours of typing.  So to finish in 12 months I need to type 34 hours a month. That seems very doable.  But here is the catch.  I have another 50 books to read and probably another 150 3x5 index cards to fill out.
My mother broke her sternum.  She is doing okay right now.  She is supposed to take it easy but knowing her she will not.  I was told that she was out working in her yard this afternoon.  I am going over to her house in the morning to check on her.  I don't expect to get any work done on the thesis tomorrow.  I have to go by TBI to deliver some clothes in the morning also.
The new laptop is working great.  I have loaded DreamWeaver and like it so far.  About the only software item I need now is a CAD software.  I was using DeltaCad but it does not run on a Mac.  I will be searching for this Online so if anyone out there has any suggestions let me know.  This Mac boots in 20 seconds from a shutdown state.  It is very fast indeed.  God bless you.

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