Sunday, April 10, 2011

In The Garden

Janie and Michelle cleaning the lights in the Auditorium
There was a good turn out of workers for the work day we had at the church on Saturday.  Janie and Michelle worked on cleaning the lights.  They were brave souls being willing to get up there and work so high off the ground.  They did an outstanding job. I did this job a few years ago and it was not an easy one.  I helped clean light fixtures as well but from a 10 foot step ladder.  Janie would sit down as we rolled the rig to the next set of lights then she would get back upon her feet and start taking the light fixture apart for cleaning.  They stayed at it until they got it done.
Janie took this picture of me from her perch high above the pews
After we finished this major project and while others were working on A/C's and painting a class room we went outside to help the crew that was working on the roof.  There is a rail that had to be sanded and painted so we helped them paint the rail.  It was 95 degrees and a strong wind out the south.  We started the work day at 9:00 in the morning and finished up at 5:00 that afternoon.  It was a really good day and we were tired.
Working on the lights
We had a good crowd at church both in the morning and in the evening services.  I brought a message using a different style of preaching.  My preferred method of preaching is expository but I used a narrative method today. I asked the congregation to use their imagination and I took them on a journey from the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus prayed "Father let this cup pass from me..." all the way through his trial before the High Priest and ending with Pilot washing his hands of the blood of Jesus.  It was a very emotional time for me to go through that story as if I were there.  I plan to use the same method next Sunday as I take them to the foot of the Cross at Calvary.  
Monday I preach at the nursing home and do some visitation. I plan to mail my tax return tomorrow.  Tuesday is consumed by the Ladies Bible Study and service in Lorena.  Wednesday is sermon preparation day and other Bible study.  Thursday we attend a banquet and Friday we leave at 5:00 AM to head to Waco for a surgery there.  Going to be a busy week.  Mixed in with these activities will be my thesis work, French lessons, clean out the garage, mow the yard, and get the church bus and van inspected and registered.   No place in this weeks schedule for golf or hiking, oh well.  God bless you.
Janie, Kevin, Michelle, and Howard on the roof
A Rose in Front of the Parsonage

Irises have bloomed at the parsonage.

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