Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Day 2

Janie's one student in her Sunday School Class. His name is Cole.
2012 arrived to find me in bed.  I had no desire to stay up until midnight on a Saturday night.  You can't go to bed that late and be at your best when you go to the house of the Lord to worship.  Our crowd was small at church Sunday morning but we had a better than usual attendance Sunday night.  We played a game Sunday night in our Auditorium pitting the kids against the adults in a Bible game.  The kids won.  Most everyone seemed to enjoy the game and it was nice to do something just a little different for a change.
Naomi at play
Today things were back to normal.  Monday is nursing home day for Janie and I.  I led the singing and preached a sermon from Psalms 85.  The sermon went a little long but the congregation did not seem to mind.  I love preaching there for the people are so eager to hear the Word of God preached.  After visiting with 4 of the residents there we went to lunch then visited the other nursing home in town.  It has been a long day.  I went over to the church this evening and visited with the instructor of a class on child raising.  She is teaching this class on Monday nights at our church and tonight she had no students so we visited a bit and then I returned to nursing home to check on one there who is near death.  I have been helping Janie with some wall decorating this evening and now it is time to head for bed.  She will still have to do her internet work but hopefully she won't have to be up long.  God bless you.

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