Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Its a Girl

My plumbers license from Janie's scrapbook
We found out today that our 12th grandchild is a girl.  She arrives in the month of May.  I love grandchildren.  Janie and I had a cold Monday.  We went to the nursing home to preach the services there.  There was a mix up and the services were not canceled after all. We were late missing the singing portion all except the last 2 verses of "Love Lifted Me."  It rained all day and was 44 degrees with about a 20 mile per hour wind.  The grave side service was very uncomfortable.  More than one person was shivering from the cold.  I kept the service short for the sake of those who had braved the weather to come to the service.  Tuesday we did not have ladies Bible study.  We did go down to Lorena and had a great visit and supper with our friends there.  It was a really good time. 
The fire feels good, suppose to get cold.
We left this morning to go to Kilgore to see my mother and talk with the staff.  Mother greeted us with a smile.  She was dehydrated and they were giving her IV fluids.  Her demeanor was very good but she is still very confused.  She is not eating much and drinking even less.  They will be keeping her several more days.  I plan to see her again tomorrow. 
I missed my class tonight.  I am sure it went well for I left it in very capable hands.  I need to type up my sermon for Sunday and look forward to doing that tomorrow.  God bless you.

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