Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Package off to France

Some of Janie's students at the church
We sent Jason and Angie two boxes today.  Their Christmas presents and other goodies are on their way and should arrive next Monday.  I have spent the afternoon talking with Jason and Angie on Skype.  They are doing well and the weather seems as nice there as it has been here.  My part of the bulletin for Sunday is ready to go.  It is getting late and I just finished preparing the lesson for the ladies Bible study which meets here in the morning. 
Sunday our attendance was low but the services went well.  I preached from the Song of Songs and thought the sermon went well.  I was able to work in a nap Sunday afternoon and that was nice for a change. 
A cartoon I created for our church bulletin
I spoke with both of my daughters today one by phone and the other by text message.  I like days like that when I get to talk with all three of our children.  They are good kids.  (Even though they are all in their thirties now I still call them kids.
My mother is doing well by last report.  She still refuses her meds but is eating well.  Her sister, Maxine, visited with her today as did my brother Steve.  I will see her again on Thursday if the Lord be willing.  God bless you.

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