Saturday, January 28, 2012

Drill Jig

Kregg Jig, I highly recommend it.
I have been, off and on (mostly off), working  on a wood project in the garage.  For Christmas I got a Kregg Jig which is a drill jig for making pre-drilled and counter sunk holes for wood screws.  It works really good.  The wood has to be cut square for this jig to work properly so I had to work on my table saw to get it to cut square.  It was way off.  The blade and the tee were both out of square.  I cut a few test pieces and then drilled and assembled them and it looked good.  I have now cut and drilled 20 parts and have them ready to assemble.  There are still 7 parts to cut but that can come latter.  It will be good to see the finished project.  Stay tuned for pictures.
Janie working out at the gym
My mother had a bad day on Friday but then it got better.  Thursday night she had threatened to kill herself again and so the nurse took everything out of her room that might harm her such as her picture frames that had glass in them.  Mother broke down and cried without ceasing and so the nurse called the doctor.  The doctor told her to give her back her things and just keep an eye on her.  They did this and mother was happy again.  My brother, Ralph, went over and spent some time playing cards with her and he said she was in a good mood.
The Jig
I had a migraine headache today and the best cure I have found is sleep.  I have thus slept the day away and now that it is evening I feel fine.  I think I will go out to the garage again and piddle with the project a little more.  I need to clean up out there so the truck won't have to spend the night outdoors.  God bless you.

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