Monday, January 16, 2012


Janie's husband and mother-in-law visiting at the hospital
Stress when used as a noun can be bad but when used as a verb it can be good.  Stress the noun has been working hard on Janie's husband.  It is taking its toll on his mind and his health.  It is time for him to take a vacation from it and be revitalized.  Admitting he is under the influence of stress is a big step for him.  He wants to think he is tough and can handle it.  Prayer and its being answered has kept him going but there comes a time when a getting away from stress to relax is needed.  So Janie is trying to get her husband to plan a vacation and he is giving it some thought.
LED rope lights upstairs at the cottage
Janie's mother-in-law is doing very well.  The nurse said today that she was complaining of back pain and so they gave her some pain medication and in a little while she was feeling great.  She has been laughing and joking with the staff and seems to be actually enjoying the group sessions.  Janie's husband and her brothers-in-law are planning to move their mother to a different nursing home.  They started the ball to rolling on that process this morning having a representative from the new nursing home, Greg Home in Kilgore, to evaluate her case to see if they can help her.  They come highly recommended and have a better rating than the nursing home she is in now. 
This weekend Janie helped her husband put up some new lighting in the upstairs of the cottage.  The old fixtures were only half working and needed to be replaced.  The new rope lights are out of the way and use far less energy. 
Naomi and her papa
Naomi and her parents came by for a visit at the cottage.  She is 4 months old now and is doing very well.  While Janie's husband was visiting with his brothers to discuss their mother's future Janie was visiting with Naomi.  Naomi's papa got there in time to hold her too.
Vacation time will have to wait for today for there are deadlines to meet and work that must be done.  God bless you.

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