Saturday, January 21, 2012


Janie's Mother posing with Janie's Triple doll
When your on a roller coaster and your having fun you say "WEE" and if you are not having fun you shout "Get me out of here." Mother is not saying "WEE."  She is not having fun.  Her first word was "amen" as we pulled away from the hospital.  Thursday I picked up mother's things from the nursing home.  They had already given her room to someone else.  I went then to Gregg Home and signed the papers to admit her there and unloaded her things.  Friday we decorated her room and then Ralph and I went to pick her up from the hospital. 
She is at Gregg Home now and is not happy.  She does not like it there and wants me to take her home.  I expect this will be the case for some time and will just have to be as positive with her as I can be that she is in a good place where they can take the best care of her.  She is refusing her medications but is eating.  They did convince her to take a shower and are trying to be patient with her.   We are going to head over there for a quick visit this afternoon on our way back to Hillsboro.
I have spent all morning working on the Song of Songs sermon for Sunday.  I have it ready to go and the Sunday School lesson also.  We missed the district ladies auxiliary meeting today due to having to deal with my mother.  Janie is working away upstairs getting things ready for our upcoming vacation.  We are going to take off the week of February 5th and spend the week at the cottage with Stacie's children.  I expect that will be a lot of fun and I hope the weather will be nice.  The grandkids and I will be saying "WEE" all week long.  God bless you.

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