Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Smile

Janie's new wall hanging.
On Friday my mother had a mental breakdown and had to be taken to the mental hospital in Kilgore.  She refused to go at first and then consented to go but to a different hospital.  She refused to let the aide pack her clothes.  She got into the van and about halfway to the hospital, the one that she did not want to go to, she got out of her seat belt and tried to open the door of the van.  The driver had to stop and get her calmed down and back into her seat belt.  When she got to the hospital she refused to get off of the van.  They got one of the nurses to come out and talk to her and the nurse was able to persuade her to get out and go into the hospital.  Janie and I took her clothes to the hospital and left them with the nurses station.  We did not try to see her at that time, thought it best to let her get settled in first.
Janie doing one of her favorite things

On Saturday morning I called the hospital and they told me she had a UTI and they were starting antibiotics to treat that.  She called the charge nurse fat and told him to get out of her room.  Later he said she patted him on the back and asked him how he was doing.  He could tell she was already starting to feel better. 
I called the hospital again Sunday morning and I was excited to here them say she is smiling.  She is taking her meds and is cooperating with them.  I plan to call again in the morning to see how she is doing. 

I love winter in Texas!
We are planning to return to Henderson to see her on Wednesday.  I would like to talk to her doctor and hope that I will be able to do so.  My brother, Ralph, went by and cleaned up mother's room.  He put her pictures back on the wall and took away her three pairs of scissors.   It is my fear that she will, in about three months due to not drinking enough water, get another UTI and will start cutting her wander guard bracelet off again.  If that happens we will have to relocate her to a nursing home that can handle such patients.
The moon on Thursday
The services at church were good today.  The Song of Songs sermon went well.  The father of one our deacons passed away Saturday morning and I have been asked to preach his graveside service.  I have that sermon ready to go.  I was suppose to preach at the nursing home in the morning but that service has been canceled. 
We went by to see our granddaughter, Naomi, on Saturday.  She is a sweet little girl and we just don't see enough of her.  The same is true, really, of all our grandkids.  It would be nice to have them all just a little bit closer.  God bless you.

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