Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Report of my death was an exageration

My grandson Elijah, I know how he feels
In May of 1897 Mark Twain wrote these words "...the report of my death was an exageration."  I went on Facebook and left a comment that my mother's visitation was at 5:30 today.  This caused much angst among my Facebook friends.  They thought my mother had died and the visitation referred to one connected with her funeral.  I quickly set the record strait but had a good laugh at the various comments about near heart failure. 
Mother greeted us again with a big smile.  She was feeling good.  We talked for an hour and she shared an interesting story with us. It seems a woman about her age was trying to escape.  Mother said she was talking about needing to get home to her mother and father.  Mother asked her "How old is your father?" to which the woman replied "79."  Mother then asked her "Is he still alive?"  She answered "Yes."  Mother then asked her "How old are you?"  The woman replied "80."  Mother said "That makes you older than your father."  Mother said the woman calmed down and grew quiet.  Mother said she felt sorry for the woman.  She said "I hope I never get in that shape."   If this story is true I am very proud of my mother for reasoning with the woman trying to help her out. 
I worked all morning taking care of my duties as the clerk of the MBA of Texas.  I got a lot of work done and then hit an obstacle.  I have to get that problem dealt with soon because I am up against a deadline.  I had intended to work on the Song of Songs but that will now be tomorrow's project.  God bless you.

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