Thursday, January 26, 2012


Naomi and her great-grandmother, Charlcye Taylor
I will be on vacation in just a little over a week.  This of course means I have to do two weeks of work in one so I can take this vacation.  I am looking forward to being with the grandkids.  I don't have any specific plans as to what we will do together but I am sure we will do some cooking, cleaning, game playing, and hiking. 
We got over 4 inches of rain the other day and that will go a long way to getting us out of this drought.  It was good to see the streams and low lands full on our way to Henderson today.  We had to make a quick trip over to take care of some business there for my mother.  We needed to return to Hillsboro so we could be here for one of our church members who needed some help. 
Our services Wednesday night were really good.  My class had five and Janie had three students.  One of the ladies of our church started a Facebook page for our church and I am glad that she volunteered to maintain it.  In this age of electronic media it helps those who are so inclined to keep up with what's going on with our church. 
Stacie at Karate class baby shower
My daughter, Stacie had a baby shower in her honor today.  The Karate class they attend hosted it and they gave the baby a pink Karate outfit.  I can't wait until number 12 gets here in May.  I plan to spoil that one as much as I have her 11 predecessors.  I just LOVE those grandkids!!
The old TV show MASH had a theme song with some rather dark and morbid words.  The title of the song is "Suicide is Painless."  This statement certainly is not true.  Suicide is full of pain.
Janie's Wednesday night class
The visit with my mother did not go well today.  She was very upset and not at all in her right mind.  She has not taken her meds since she got out of the Hospital on Friday the 20th of January.  That means six days with no meds and her mind is beginning to show the signs of it.  She is very depressed.  She threatened to commit suicide not only to Janie and me but also to the staff.  The nurse talked her into taking her anxiety medicine but 45 minutes later she threw it up.  They have taken her scissors away from her for her own safety.  
The sermon for Sunday is almost ready.  I have it typed up but it needs a little tweaking.  I have not looked at the Sunday School lesson yet but that will have to wait for tomorrow.  I have to be up at 5:00 in the morning to get ready to head over to the hospital.  God bless you.

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