Sunday, September 4, 2011

More Miles

My mother with the triple doll
I have not blogged in several days and as usual it is because I have been busy.  Janie and I went to Canton and had a good time there.  We stayed only a few hours and it was very hot.   Most of the booths were closed so there was not a lot to see.  I did buy a couple of ammo cans that I am going to use to make a portable outdoor grill.  I got the idea from Youtube.  We met a couple of our church members there and visited with them for just a minutes. 
Ralph and Mother
We got to Henderson Thursday afternoon to find that my mother-in-law had not been feeling well.  She was having some problems so I thought it best that I should go with her and Janie to the beauty shop in Tyler on Friday.  I was glad that I went.  We went to see my mother Friday evening and Ralph was staying with her for the weekend.  Ralph is really good with mother.  He makes her laugh.  One of the things I have always admired about my little brother is his humor.  He is the life of any party.  His wife is sweet and full of energy.  They have taken good care of mother and that has been such a relief to my mind to know she is in good hands.  My older brother, Steve, has been faithful to help mother with her med's and seeing after her.  It has been good to have him and Teresa living next door to her.   
Janie took this picture this morning during my sermon
Saturday morning Janie and I helped her mother can some jelly.  With that project done we headed back to Hillsboro by way of Palestine to have supper with Justin and Sarah.  We had to deliver some gifts to them and the triple doll.
Sunday has been a great day.  We had a fellowship lunch after services and the food was really good.  I preached from Leviticus 19:9-18 on the subject of loving your neighbor.  Our attendance was down a bit Sunday morning but Sunday night it was up.  We had the Lord's supper observance and that is always an emotional service for me.  I preached from Isaiah 53 and then we had the supper.  I am looking forward to this week.  I love work and I have a lot of it to do.  My sisters will be arriving on Wednesday and I plan to see them at mother's on Thursday.  I am praying that all of that will go well. God bless you.

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