Friday, September 30, 2011


One of the pillowcases mother gave us today
I was glad when they said unto me "Let us go unto the house of the Lord." Our services were good Wednesday night missing just one of our regular attendees. Thursday Janie and I went to Henderson by way of Canton. It was 101 degrees there which seems unusual for Late September. We were glad we went even though it was hot. My son-in-law was there and bought three little pigs. He offered one of them to us volunteering to raise it for us if we would pay for the feed. We agreed and so we are looking forward to the spring when Justin will carry them to the butcher. This butcher makes the best sausage I have ever tasted. It makes us feel glad to have our freezer well stocked.
Janie shopping at Canton
Last night I had a long visit with my brother-in-law, Steve, sitting at our mother-in-law's kitchen table. We talked about the end time prophecies and then about fishing. He helped me cull out the lures that were useless so now I am not embarrassed to open my tackle box in public. Some of my lures made him laugh out loud so I am glad I got his advice. One lure I refused to throw away because I thought it was pretty and I told him I would send him a picture of the fish I caught with it. He is not going to hold his breath waiting for it. I wish he and I lived closer together so we could visit and fish often.
My mother was glad to see us this morning and we were glad to see her doing well and very happy. She has been working at embroidery and just loves it. She gave us a set of pillow cases she had done. Her eye sight must be very good for her work is very detailed. She needed some more Glucerna so I will take her some by as we head back to Hillsboro this afternoon.
This morning Janie got a sweet text message with a picture of Naomi which said "Naomi wanted to say good morning to Nana. I am glad we have unlimited texting.
So far I am glad we bought the truck. The past 1,280 miles have been much more comfortable than the last 146,000 miles. God bless you.

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