Friday, September 9, 2011

Autumn Leaves

Mother arriving at her room with her two daughters
It is a unique day in your life when you move your mother to a nursing home.  The nursing home is called Autumn Leaves.  It is a nice facility.  My mother's room is at the far end of a long hall (room 321).  Yesterday me and my siblings went to take care of the paper work at the nursing home and left mother at the house alone.  She was taking a nap when we returned and we woke her so she could eat lunch with us.  She sat next to me at the table and asked me about my family.  She could not remember the names of my three children.  She could not remember taking her pills that morning and while she was alone she had gotten the locked box down which contained her medicines and could not get it open.  I dread the day when I walk into her room and she does not know who I am.  If the Lord is willing I will see her every Thursday and Friday each week.  She seems to be fine with the move and I hope she settles in and adapts to life in her new room.  I am keeping my promise to her that her things will stay in her house as long as she lives.  If there is anything she should want from her house it will be right where she left it.  This seemed to be a comfort to her.  My sisters will stay the weekend and go back to Colorado on Monday. 
Mother and the girls who decorated her room
On Monday this week I went to the nursing home in Hillsboro for the services there and enjoyed seeing everyone.  I am very use to visiting in nursing homes and I love to visit people there.  There are many residents who have no one to visit them.  I do not want that to be the case for my mother.  Tuesday we had a good Bible study in the morning but did not have services in Lorena.  I worked on the sermon for Sunday and the Sunday School lesson.  I also was able to get my Wednesday night lesson ready to go.  Wednesday night we had our usual group.  We have moved class rooms and now sit around a table and have prayer and Bible study.  It was a really good service.  I like this new format and hope that others will join us. 
Mother with the boys and daughters-in-law
Tomorrow we will head back to Hillsboro by way of the nursing home to see my mother one more time and then through Palestine for a short visit with our daughter and Son-in-law.  Our number 11 grandchild could come at anytime now.  When that phone call comes we will drop everything and head that way.  God bless you.

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