Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Sarah at midnight on Facebook
I do not know her name as yet but I expect today will be her birthday.  I slept in the car for about 4 hours from 1 to 5 this morning.  It was more comfortable than it sounds sleeping in a VW.  The seat leans way back and I had my camping pillow and another pillow that we keep in the car.  Janie did not sleep at all.  I don't know how she does it.  I took a nap this morning fro 10 to 11 and then took Janie out for some lunch.  The labor is getting more intense now.  The nurses keep saying it may be as late as 7:00 tonight and if that is so I will be leaving Janie here in Palestine while I return to Hillsboro for our evening services at the church.  After the services I will return to Palestine and take Janie on to Henderson.  You can expect to see pictures here on my blog of this new arrival on her birthday so stay tuned.  God bless you.
Sunrise this morning out the window of the waiting room

Me and Janie and Sarah's mother-in-law waiting in the room

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