Monday, September 26, 2011

Loaded Down

Grandkids trying out our new truck
We had really good services Sunday though our attendance was down a little.  I preached at the nursing home Sunday afternoon.  I love preaching there.  The people seem hungry to hear God's word preached and I am always hungry to preach so it is the best of both worlds.  I preached on the subject of the Holy City New Jerusalem.  I almost lost my voice between preaching Sunday morning, afternoon, and night then closing the day out with an hour of choir practice. 
Okay lets try out the inside of Papa's new truck
Today I got up early and worked on a couple of reports that I will have to give at the meeting on Saturday.  With those done I went to town to take care of some other church related business.  I cooked lunch and then Janie and I went to Waco to do some shopping.  We returned from Waco with our new truck loaded down with cargo.  We had a large item in cab with us and the bed of the truck was loaded down with some tables and a sheet of plywood.  It sure is nice to have a truck again. 
Naomi riding in Papa and Nana's new truck
Janie may be going over to Palestine tomorrow to help Sarah out a little bit.  If she does not we will have a busy day here with Bible Study in the morning and getting some much needed work done here at the house.    God bless you.

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