Friday, September 16, 2011

Mothers Day

Me and my mother
I spent a good part of today with my mother while Janie spent it with her mother.  My mother is very happy with here new home.  She showed me around her room as if I had not seen it before.  She takes walks regularly according to her and has enjoyed the food.  I sat with her while she ate lunch which consisted of 3 small pieces of fried catfish, some French fries, and some pudding.  She ate 2 pieces of fish and ate the pudding then drank most of a glass of milk.  She was then ready to go back to her room.  My oldest brother's pastor came by for a visit and stayed a good while.  After he left mother and I went down to the office and I put some money into her trust account so she can get her hair fixed when ever she wants to.  I took her into the beauty shop to meet the hairdresser and find out how things work.  She just has to tell them she has a trust fund and they will take care of the rest.  Mother was very upbeat and seemed very happy.  She sees the day shift employees arrive in the morning because their parking area is just outside her window.  A humming bird keeps visiting her bird feeder and she likes that.  I told her that next Friday I would like to take her out for a ride and do some site seeing and she liked the sound of that.  She is feeling really good.  She was concerned about her money and I told her that I was taking care of everything and that she was doing fine in that regard.  That put her mind at ease. 
Janie holding Naomi last night
Janie's mother has been in a lot of pain.  I do not know what is going to be done about that if anything.  She had an angina attach and took some nitro which helped almost immediately.  Her mind is still very sharp and right before her nap this afternoon she was on Facebook checking up on every thing on her social network.  Janie is cleaning her house changing sheets and cleaning the bathrooms for her mother while I am blogging.
I went for a long walk around the lake this afternoon.  The lake is not near as big as it once was.  I have never seen it this dry before.   A young couple were fishing but not catching anything.  I have some work to do this evening and then we will head home by way Palestine to see Naomi.  Naomi is borderline jaundice and will have to be tested to make sure that she is okay.  I am looking forward to being back home tomorrow after this really busy week.  God bless you. 

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