Saturday, September 24, 2011

Crazy Good

Mother and Naom
Wednesday we had an exceptional crowd at church.  My class had twice as many as usual.  I hope that trend continues.   We had made a special trip to Palestine to take Naomi and Sarah some things they needed.  We took them into town to take care of some business and Naomi broke the new truck in right with a diaper change in the back seat.  We returned to Hillsboro for our evening services then headed over to Henderson to take care of our mothers.
Janie took her mother on Thursday to get a permanent while I spent the day with my mother.  Mother was very happy and I took her for a ride in my new truck.  We went to Wal-Mart and got her a few things she was needing.  On Friday morning I took Janie to see my mother and while there I paid the $4,480.00/month bill at the nursing home.  Before we arrived my mother called me on my cell phone crying saying she needed to talk to me.  When we got there she was still crying and very upset.  We got her calmed down and I took care of her concerns.  She said she had not been given her medicines and Janie proved to her that she had and told her that she must have been sleepy when the came buy and just did not remember it.  That seemed to satisfy her and she was okay from then on.   She needed some more things from Wal-Mart and so Janie and I got some lunch and then got her things.  We returned to the nursing home and mother was crying again.  She said she was loosing her mind and could not remember anything.  She said she did not know who she was or where she was.  I calmed her down again and soon had her laughing.  I talked to the nurse about upping her medicine and she said she would talk to the doctor.  The doctor came to see her right after I left and that pleased mother that something was going to be done to help her.
Today we went by to see her and she was doing great. She was sewing and very happy.  She got to see her newest great-grandchild, Naomi, and was excited about holding her.  It was good to see her happy.
We are on our way now back to Hillsboro.  Janie is driving and it is about dark. She does not like to drive after dark so I will close for now and take over driving.  God bless you. 

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