Saturday, December 11, 2010

Parents, a blessing from God

Mother eating at the Smoke House in Henderson on Friday
Janie took her mother to the beauty shop on Friday and I took my mother out to eat lunch.  I enjoyed my visit with her.  She is doing very well.  Janie's dad was not doing as good.  He was hurting and really did not feel like going to the eye doctor on Thursday but was forced to go anyway.  He is having a rough time of it.  He was still hurting on Friday so spent the day in his chair. 
Parents are a blessing from God.  They bless you when you are young and tender and need their care.  They bless you again when you are old and graying and need your care.  I had great strength and vigor to care for my children when they could not care for themselves.  I thank God for that.  I sure could use that same strength and vigor now as I help to care for aging parents.
Janie's mother looking for something to watch.
Today I have been working on the lessons for Sunday.  The Sunday School lesson was first thing on my agenda today and with that finished I tackled the sermon.  I will be preaching from the text where Simeon meets the baby Jesus. Sunday night I plan to show some video clips of things that have been in the news recently.  These are things that have disturbed me and I want to shine the light of God's word on them.  I plan to do this each Sunday evening for a while.  The object is to help our church members to know how to deal with the things of this world.  The church needs practical application of God's word.  The world is being deceived and someone needs to stand up for the truth. 
Christmas lights in Athens 2010
We have a fellowship tomorrow after our morning services.  I am cooking a pork roast and making some beans.  Janie is making a salad and a chocolate cake.  I am on a low sodium diet but I have used salt in the food I am preparing. I will just have to go easy on the portions.  Well its off to bed for me, then up early for prayer and meditation.  Merry Christmas everyone and God bless you. 

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