Monday, December 27, 2010

December 27, 1973

Janie and Paul the summer of 1973
What a wonderful service we had on Sunday morn.  The attendance was very low as was the outside temperature. Our attendance Sunday night was as great as Sunday morn much to my delight and surprise. I have undertaken the task of teaching lessons whose subjects come from happenings in the news.  The sound room man shows upon the big screen a video clip of some news event and then I endeavor to shine the light of Bible truth upon it.   The people of our congregation seem to love this new venue and have shown so by their attendance and obvious interest. I could not help but notice that many lingered after the service Sunday night and visited in the foyer.  This is a thing that brings me joy as it is a sign of harmony and brotherly love.
December 27, 1973 at County Line Baptist Church
I have been sick today.  I caught a cold over the Christmas holiday and felt very poorly today.  I slept little last night and just did not have the energy to get my work done.  I spent much time in bed and feel much better now. This is not the way I intended to spend this day.  It is the 37th anniversary of our marriage.  God has blessed me beyond measure with a good wife.  My sister, Jean, introduced us on July 11, 1973 just after the close of the Wednesday evening services at Calvary Baptist Church in Henderson, Texas.  I still remember the spot on the porch where we met.  I remember watching her during the service and how smitten I was with her beauty.  It turned out to be that her beauty within far excelled that without. I asked her to marry me on August 25, 1973 at the Lake Forest Park in Henderson, Texas.  She said yes and 37 years has gone by so quickly.  Having her at my side walking with me each step of the way has made the journey wonderful. She is still beautiful to me and I love her so.  Thank you Jean Farrington and Charlcye Taylor for getting the 2 of us together.  God bless you.

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