Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Grand Indeed

Jonathan at Mcdonald's this morning
Janie came to bed about 5:00 this morning.  She stayed up wrapping Christmas presents.  We were awakened by the grandkids and so I got up and took them for a ride.  I gave Hannah a hard time about tying her shoes.  She is five years old and I told her that when I was five years old not only could I tie my shoes I was teaching my younger brother how to tie his. We went to McDonald's for breakfast and I let them play there for a while. We went to the church next where I needed to take care of a few things.  I have a bowl of candy in my Sunday school classroom.  The kids saw it and of course wanted some.  I allowed them 2 pieces each. After consuming these they desired more. I gave them a long biochemical speech on the function of the pancreas and how too much sugar may lead to type 2 diabetes.  They listened patiently somehow knowing that after Papa finished with his soap box he would put it away and yield to their desire.  They were right of course for their pancreases are the responsibility of their parents not Papa.  After our work at the church was done it was off to the bank and the Dollar Store.  I let them spend $2.00 each on toys there and then we returned home.
Hannah watching "How the Grinch Stole Christmas
I made them spaghetti for lunch.  I was a bit concerned when Jonathan came up to me at the stove where I was making the spaghetti sauce and he said "I smell Hannah's socks."  If the sauce smelled like socks you  would not have known it by the way they consumed the meal. Grandchildren are grand indeed.

Shoe Tying 101
We had our usual crowd at services tonight plus my daughter's family.  Absent were Janie and Ruth.  Ruth had a temperature of 102.1 and so Janie stayed in with her and Elijah.  On the Wednesday night before Christmas I bring refreshments and after singing and prayer we have a fellowship.  We did that tonight and had a good time.  After getting the kids in bed the adults of our house watched a Christmas movie.  The last thing before heading for bed is blogging and now that's done.  God bless you.

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