Friday, December 31, 2010

The End

Elijah eating breakfast at our house a few days before Christmas
This is my last blog post for 2010.  It has been a good year.  It saw the death of my father in the ministry Bro. Harold Davis.  It saw the birth of 2 of our grandchildren, Elijah and Ariana.  It heard the eye doctor tell me I had cataracts.  It heard me preach 243 sermons.  It saw our attendance at church hold its own.  It found me and Janie in France for two weeks. 2010 saw me driving a church bus packed full of kids to church camp. It saw me write about 50 index cards on the Song of Songs. In 2010 we moved the furniture in our living room. I hiked a couple of times with my brothers in 2010.  Tonight is the end of 2010.  I hope you all have a joyful New Year.  I will now cough my way into 2011 praying for God to bless us in this coming year as we serve Him.
Me and Ariana in France
Here are my top ten New Years resolutions/goals (if the Lord is willing:):
1. Read the Bible through twice,
2. Learn to speak at least a little French,
3. Finish the reading portion of my thesis research,
4. Work out at the gym at least three days a week every week,
5. Take two long hikes, Palo Duro Canyon for one,
6. Make the tent I designed,
7. Get the rest of Bro. Davis' Matthew sermons on his website and more of his audio sermons moved to MP3.
8. Learn SQL database programing.
9. Spend more quality time with my wife.
10. Take one day off each week. (This is hardest one of them all to keep)

Me and Bro. Harold Davis at church camp
I have many other things which I do in the normal coarse of my life like prayer, Bible study, visitation, personal evangelism, etc. which I will continue to do.  These top 10 are the things I need to focus on.  Well it is almost midnight and since I got very little sleep last night due to coughing I need to head for bed.  Here in just a few minutes it will be 2011 so I will get ready to kiss my wife and wish her a happy new year.  Hope to see you in 2011, God bless you.

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