Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Breakfast with Friends

Janie wanted to take my picture with the Christmas lights
I had breakfast with some friends this morning.  I really enjoyed it.  The one who bought me breakfast also served as a great example to me.  In spite of circumstances that would normally bring one down this one chose to keep a sense of humor and right off the bat met me with words that caused me to laugh. This one will be reading this blog and I want them to know that I needed what they gave me.  God is amazing.  He knows me so well and knows exactly what I need and I needed the experience of this morning.
Happy Snowmen to greet our guests
I have spent this day getting the sermon ready for tonight and it is a text from 2 Chronicles chapter 20.  The story found there just amazes me.  Next I worked on the sermon for Sunday.  I have it printed out and ready to go.  I took a break and hung up some Christmas lights outside.  I am definitely in the Christmas spirit. I am really looking forward to seeing the grandkids next week.  I told the group down at Lorena at the services last night that we would be having the grandkids at our house most of next week and then added that their parents will be there too but we don't pay them any mind.  That is of course not completely true for we do enjoy visiting with them when the kids are in bed.  My son-in-law, Scott, is a great guy.  I enjoy hearing him tell about his work at the school between driving a school bus and fixing computer problems it sounds like he never has a dull day.  I am so proud of Stacie and Scott and how they have raised their kids.  Scott's patients in the Lord's work has amazed me. 
Sunset in Lorena last night
This brings my mind to my son in France.  I wish that we could see them for Christmas too.  We will most likely talk to them by means of Skype during the season but it is not the same as being with them in person.  I am very proud of Jason and Angie. They have dedicated their lives to God's service and have paid a high price for it.  They truly have forsaken all to follow the Lord and He will bless them. 
Let me not leave out Sarah and Justin.  Justin recently demonstrated steadfastness in the faith and it has cost him.  The price is worth the benefit for by standing his ground and keeping the faith he will be blessed of God.  Sarah is sweet, kind, smart, witty and faithful.  She loves the Lord and supports her husband while he pastors a church. Justin and Sarah are a blessing to us and I am proud of them.
Sunrise this morning in Fort Worth
Perhaps these blessings are why I am in such a Christmas spirit.  God has blessed me so.  God bless you.

P.S. Janie, I LOVE YOU!

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James Gray said...

Bro. Paul,
Just wanted you to know that I really enjoy reading your blog and that it inspires me in my daily walk. I know that your children feel just as blessed to have you as a father as you do to have them, because I am blessed just to have you as a friend, brother and mentor in my faith. Thank you.